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Global Eye Care dba Box Eye Care

Privacy Policy 

In order to ensure compliance with the Health Care Information Portability and Accessibility Act of 1996 (HIPPA), this practice has established a privacy policy to provide for the security of your medical records. 

All patient records shall be stored in an electronic filing system with access restricted to qualified personnel. No patient information shall be shared with another health care provider without the patient's written, signed consent, with the exception of a medical emergency where the patient's life may be compromised without said information. 

No patient information, including but not limited to medical information, demographic information, lifestyle information, and financial information shall be released for the purpose of marketing outside of this practice. 
This practice sends appointment reminders to help the patient preserve both their ocular and general health. If you do not wish to receive these appointment reminders, please notify one of our staff members. 

Any and all computer terminals containing patient information are secured by password protection, with only qualified staff possessing a password to access the computer systems. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy and your medical records, please do not hesitate to ask the doctor or our staff members. 

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