Box Eye Care offers a wide variety of services:

-Comprehensive Eye Health exams
-Contact Lens Evaluations including: soft,toric, RGP, Multifocal and Scleral lenses
-Laser Vision Correction (LASIK, SMILE or PRK) consultations

Diagnosis and treatment of:
-Diabetic Retinopathy,
-Corneal infections
-Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome
-Macular Degeneration
-any “pink eye” or other types of conjunctivitis.

We are proud to offer the latest in technology in eye care, including:

-the FIRST office in the southeast to offer Zeiss OCT Angiography. This instrument allows Dr. Box to analyze the blood flow inside the eye without the use of injected dye. OCT angiography can reveal problems resulting from diabetes, high blood pressure and Macular Degeneration much earlier than dilated eye exams alone.

Diopsys Electrophysiology: This technology provides ophthalmologists and optometrists with objective, functional information about the health of the vision system to aid in the early detection of vision disorders, and post-treatment tracking for enhanced patient management. Early detection means better patient outcomes when treating glaucoma,macular degeneration and many other vision disorders.

We accept most insurance